About FAWC

Welcome to First Apes Wives Club (FAWC), where we revolutionize digital access passes and NFTs to enhance your life and travel experiences.

Powered by a belief in interconnectedness, we seamlessly integrate Web3 into people’s lives; offering out-of-this-world travel, and fostering strong communities. You’ll enjoy exclusive once in a lifetime experiences and events around the world that are specially curated for the FAWC community.

Redefining travel and sociability, FAWC grants you unparalleled benefits. Access exclusive and tailored journeys while enjoying global VIP status surpassing prestigious credit card memberships. 

Our dedicated team of travel advisors takes care of every detail, ensuring seamless trip planning and itinerary management.  You focus on creating unforgettable memories as we handle the rest.

Embrace this incredible adventure – join us at the First Ape Wives Club and experience the world in a way you never thought possible.

GET YOUR FAWC PASS NOW, and let the ONboarding begin…

FAWC membership is a backstage pass to life’s greatest memories

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